Why we support diabetes organizations

We have participated in American Diabetes Association and Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation events, walks, fundraisers, and galas for many years. Why? Because we want a cure for diabetes and these organizations are funding millions in research projects and clinical trials that wouldn’t otherwise be possible! Yes, both organizations fund programs to provide education and resources and┬áimprove public perception. But at the end of the day, we believe that a cure or multiple cures will be found in our lifetimes.

This week, UVA announced that they may have identified a way to prevent the onset of Type 1 Diabetes, which is an autoimmune disease. JDRF has been involved in funding research at UVA for many years. According to this article, scientist are now looking for a pharmaceutical partner to help create a concentrated antibody, called Igm. If we can prevent T1D, treatments for existing T1D and T2D patients will certainly improve.

Read more: news.virginia.edu/content/scientists-identify-potential-way-prevent-type-1-diabetes


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