Utilizing A Health Journal

We strongly recommend keeping a health journal. Rhodes has a spreadsheet on his computer that calculates daily and weekly averages for him, however you can also use a notebook or an app. We know it is challenging, so just commit to doing it one week a month.

Write down all your blood sugar readings (before and after meals are especially helpful), when you take medicine or insulin, record your exercise, and everything you eat and drink, then review your journal at the end of the week. Look for trends, times when your blood sugar was particularly good and times when it was off track. Be sure to take your health journal to your next doctor’s appointment and talk with your doctor about the results. If you are high every day at the same time, perhaps medication adjustments can be made. If your blood sugar is always great after a particular meal, that’s one to fall back on regularly. 

Do you use a health journal? How does it help with managing your diabetes?

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