Using Apps to Manage Diabetes

Are you tech-savvy and using apps to help manage your diabetes? Healthline’s Top Diabetes Apps of 2017 features 10 of the leading apps, but we would love to hear from you! Do you use any of these apps? If so, please share your feedback in our comments.

The “mySugr: Diabetes logbook” review says it can produce a excel spreadsheet of your statistics to take and share with your doctor. We like that idea! Most of the apps can integrate with your pump, CGM, or even your fitbit! Some are free, and others range from $9.99-$59.00 a year.

We strongly recommend keeping a health journal, to record your carb intake, blood sugar readings and exercise. We know its hard to do regularly. If an app will make easier for you to input data and keep it organized, then its worth a try!

Let us know what you think and which apps are your favorite.

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