Tips for Stabilizing Blood Sugar during the Holidays

The holiday season makes all of us a little more stressed, much more tired, and tempted by too many sweets and treats we should avoid! But for those of us who are diabetic, stress and bad eating can have serious consequences. This is your friendly reminder to STAY ON TRACK THIS HOLIDAY.

Here are our 3 tips for staying on track:

1. Don’t less stress get the best of you. Stress often drives up blood sugar, and can make it very difficult to control. Counter holiday stress with exercise, meditation, and time in worship. Focus on the reason for the season. Enjoy more walks in the crisp winter air. Get outside to rake or shovel. Just don’t sit and stew about work, friend, or family stress.

2. Don’t fall prey to “holiday eating.” Good diabetes management is a 24/7 job, 365 days a year. You don’t get a holiday from your diabetes. So, you don’t get to eat like it is “the holidays” from Thanksgiving to New Year’s. Give yourself a treat once a week, at one meal or with one dessert. You know you have a holiday party this week that always has great desserts? Then plan to enjoy a couple treats there! But the rest of the week, you have to carb count, limit your intake, and make healthy choices.

3. Be prepared. Don’t find yourself hungry and in front of temptation. Keep a low carb snack like a small bag of salted nuts, a granola bar, or a protein bar in your purse, desk or car. Grab that before you are tempted by goodies in the office kitchen or in the coffee shop window. Plan your low-carb meals in advance so you don’t end up ordering in or picking up fast food. Hit the grocery store on the weekends with a game plan for the entire week, and stay on track!

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