Tips for Holiday Travel

Holiday travel is stressful, unpredictable, and often unavoidable. So what can you predict and avoid? Do not get caught without your necessary diabetes supplies! Plan to be in the car, at the airport, in the air twice as long as you are supposed to be. Pack enough supplies (including medication and sugar sources) to last for worst case delays.

But what about once you arrive? Four nights at grandma’s house, where all she serves is white food, can be just as scary. Don’t worry about offending anyone. After all, we are talking about your health here. BRING YOUR OWN FOOD. Yes people, I said it. I do it. I roll into my mother and mother-in-law’s house like a walking grocery store.  I have a diabetic husband and two kids with food allergies. We can’t eat just anything.

I bring low carb snacks to curb temptation when everyone else starts grazing on sweets and Christmas cookies. I bring lower sugar desserts and ice cream. I even pack a bag or two of salad mix and microwavable steam-in-bag green beans so we can fill half our plates with veggies before diving into the rest of the options. I don’t make a big deal out of it. Despite my massive cooler, they usually don’t even notice that we are eating a little bit differently. We still taste everything. We just don’t eat an entire serving of it.

So, pack a cooler on your next road trip, or make the local grocery store your first stop after you fly into your destination. You don’t have to give a length explanation or apology. Just say “I brought some food to help me with my diabetes management. What shelf should I use in the fridge?”

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