Stress Management Tips that Actually Work

We’ve talked quite a bit about stress, Effects of Stress on Blood Sugar, and our tips for Managing Stress. Did you know April is National Stress Awareness Month? It’s gotten that bad folks. We are all stressed and we know it.

We recently spent some time researching stress management tips online and found a lot of articles that give a lot of advice, but this one from Healthline was our favorite. It provides some easy, realistic, practical steps you can take in your daily life to reduce your stress.

Here are a couple favorite tips for when you feel your blood pressure rising:

1. Lay off the sugar and caffeine. Instead of a candy bar and coffee, try a tuna fish sandwich and green tea. Really.

2. Exercise (even if just for a minute) and listen to some music. Grab your headset and take a quick brisk walk around the house/building.

3. Pray, meditate, or just take some deep breaths. Take a minute to stop, walk away from the situation, and breathe.

Check out Healthline’s other tips here. What are your top tips? Share them with us!

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