Say I Love You Without the Candy

When did Valentine’s Day become an excuse to binge eat candy and chocolates? It’s like Halloween but for adults. We don’t think $5 cards are the answer either, so our suggestion for this Valentine’s Day is to think outside the (chocolate) box. “Diabetic-friend” or “Sugar-Free” candy is not the answer. No candy is totally carb free, and what you save in reduced sugar you gain in artificial sweeteners that cause gas and bloating. That’s a great side-effect for the most-romantic day of the year?!

Let’s take back Valentine’s Day as a day of romantic gestures, a day for expressing your love and appreciation to friends and family, and as a day for loving yourself and taking good care of yourself!

And, if you really want some chocolate… let’s face it, we do. Then, rather than going for quantity, go for quality. Dove’s dark chocolate hearts that everyone is selling for Valentine’s in 8.8 oz bags, have 4 grams of carbs per chocolate heart. That’s the same number as in a single glucose tablet. So, have a couple this Valentine’s Day, save a few for the next time your blood sugar is low, and give away the rest. We don’t keep bags of chocolate in the house, because “we” don’t have the willpower. Happy Love Day, friends!


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