Raising Awareness About Women’s Health

Ladies, we need to take care of ourselves!

May 13-19, 2018 is the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ National Women’s Health Week. How can we improve our mental and physical health? The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommends:

  • Scheduling a yearly Well-Women Check Up and getting preventative screenings
  • Eating healthy
  • Get moving and staying active. Try to be moving for 30 minutes every day!
  • Make sure you’re getting enough sleep and managing stress. We recommend trying meditation, exercise, or just doing one of your favorite activities to help with stress levels.
  • Don’t smoke or quit now. It’s never too late.
  • Avoid unsafe behaviors like texting and driving, not wearing your seatbelt, etc. It’s not worth the risk.

Women with diabetes also face increased risks. According to the American Diabetes Association, women with diabetes are more likely to have a heart attack, and at a younger age, than women who don’t have diabetes. It’s so important we monitor blood sugar levels to keep them on target and pay really close attention to our health.

Find out the steps that you can take for good health, based on your age here. We can do it ladies, we’re in this together!

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