On the Go Travel Essentials

Heading out of town for a holiday weekend or vacation? Before you go, we have 3 basic summer travel tips.

  1. Make a list of all your must-have supplies. Keep the list in a prominent place in your kitchen or home office, edit and update it regularly, and refer to it when packing for a trip. Make copies and actually check items off once they are in the car or suitcase. We’ve all heard or had horror stories about arriving at a destination without a key item.
  2. Use coolers for diabetic supplies. Buy a soft-sided travel cooler (they even make stylish ones now), and use it whenever traveling by car, train or plane. Insulin and diabetes medications often need to be keep cool and dry. This may be worst-case scenario planning, but if you’re stuck or delayed and it’s hot, you don’t want to compromise expensive supplies. Just be careful not to use too many ice packs and freeze your supplies.
  3. Pack snacks and meals for travel time, if you can. Airport restaurants and fast-food joints are an easy way to throw off your healthy diet and carb counting. Also, since you will likely be sitting more (and possibly trying to drink less) during travel, you want to be prepared with extra low carb snacks so you don’t end up with high blood sugar. If you can bring a cooler, make yourself a low carb wrap or a container of veggies and hummus or light dip. If you aren’t driving, pack a few low carb yogurts. Snack-sized bags of trail mix with lightly salted nuts and light popcorn are good munchies that don’t have to be chilled. Be prepared so you don’t turn a quick convenience store stop into a binge fest!

What are your tips and on the go essentials? Share them with us!

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