Keeping a Health Journal

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Rhodes thinks that recording your blood sugars, food intake, exercise, medication and a few other factors in a health journal is critical to good diabetes management. A health journal (also known as a log or tracking) will help keep you accountable, and will also help your doctors and health care team evaluate how to better manage your diabetes. Try it for a week! Looks for trends, and take the results to your doctor!

2 thoughts on “Keeping a Health Journal

  1. Many diabetes logbooks available online only track blood sugar readings and the number of carbs you eat. We suggest you also write down what types of food you eat and drink, to track how different foods affect your blood sugar. If you want to use your smart phone, search for a diabetes tracker or diabetes logbook app.

  2. Keeping a journal like the one you described helped me show my endocrinologist how my body reacts to certain foods, medications and environmental factors. That gave her the information she needed to help me navigate towards much better management of my bgl’s.

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