Incorporate Summer Produce into Your Meals

Summer is our favorite season for healthy eating because fresh produce is abundant in all the grocery stores. Fresh, healthy, colorful– fruit and veggies are the way to go. Here are our four favorite ways we’ve been incorporating produce into our meals this summer:

  1. Replace desserts with a few slices of watermelon, some chilled berries or sliced peaches. Freeze grapes for a cool, healthy late-night snack. Top low carb, high protein yogurt with berries. Snack on fresh fruit and feed your sweet tooth with natural sugars.
  2. Grill, grill, grill. Squash, peppers, carrots, ocra, corn. Summer vegetables taste delicious grilled with just a drizzle of olive oil, salt and pepper. If you don’t have a grill, roast them on a pan in the oven. But don’t forget to treat corn like a starch. If you are doing roasted potatoes, rice or pasta as a side, skip the corn on the cob (approx. 15 grams of carbs per cob). Include corn only if the rest of your meal is lean meat and veggies!
  3. Try to have a salad 3-4 times a week. Lettuce or spinach, 1/2 a tomato, a few fresh veggies chopped in, and some protein on top. Simple and fresh. Consider making your own low-carb dressings with oil and vinegar. If you need a salad on the go to work, look online for a mason jar salad recipe– they are becoming very popular and can be made days in advance! Make 3 at a time!
  4. Add veggies everywhere you can for nutrients, fiber and to fill you up. We shred zucchini into everything– we add grated zucchini to meat sauces, meat balls, shredded pork bbq. It disappears and takes on the flavor of the sauce. Keep a tupperware of washed and sliced carrots, cucumbers and celery in your fridge at all times. Drab a few spears and a light dip or hummus for a quick snack.

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