Importance of Testing Your Blood Sugar

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Pricking your finger and testing your blood sugar is not fun. If you are newly diabetic it can be painful, expensive, and time-consuming. Rhodes wants to encourage you to check your blood sugar as often as your doctor recommends, and perhaps even more often. Blood sugar testing is the key to good diabetes management. If you don’t know your blood sugar level, you can’t correct it. And, if you don’t check it after eating or exercise, you won’t know exactly how particular foods or activities affect your blood sugar for the next time.

2 thoughts on “Importance of Testing Your Blood Sugar

  1. Did checking your sugar constantly worry you? I was diagnosed as a diabetic a couple weeks ago and been having some anxiety because of this diagnosis. I check it often to make sure my sugar is okay but then i get stress if it’s not where i imagine it to be. how did you deal with it when you were told you were a diabetic?

    1. It is a tough balance. The more you check, the more you worry. But turn that worry into action. If you don’t know your levels, you cant work on improving them. If you aren’t hitting your targets, use that as motivation to add in more exercise or watch your carb intake. But don’t beat yourself up either! Sometimes, life gets in the way. Stress, lack of sleep, not enough water– those things can all drive up blood sugar. Try to stay positive. You can do this!

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