Hidden Carbs in Summer BBQ Favorites

Summer parties and cook outs can be a great time to enjoy low-carb meals with fresh veggie and lean protein. But, beware of these 5 hidden carbohydrates in summer favorites!

  1. An obvious offender is hotdog and hamburger buns. We try to pass on the buns hun, and instead go bananas with our toppings- piling on cheese, tomato, and condiments, or relish and onions.¬†Then break out the old fork and knife! But, beware even of “healthy alternatives” like whole wheat buns with added fiber. While better nutritionally, they can still have 21 grams of carbs per bun!
  2. Speaking of condiments and sauces, we can go nuts with those, cant we? Nope. Especially, watch out for BBQ sauces, which can add 13 or more carbs for 2 tablespoons. If possible, opt for mustard, or choose a vinegar based BBQ sauce that is lower in sugar and carbs.
  3. Corn is safe, right? After all, it’s a vegetable! Nope again. Corn is a starch. And, with approximately 17 carbs per medium cob, it can add up quick. If your summer BBQ offers a green veggie alternative, it’s probably a lower carb option.
  4. Bring on the beans right? High in fiber and protein. Not necessarily. Pork n’ beans are loaded with sugar, more than doubling the number of carbs per serving over plain beans. When we serve pork n’ beans, we dilute one can of traditional pork n’ beans with 1 can of plain black or pinto beans. Still tasty, but fewer carbs per serving.
  5. Cheers! Need a refreshing drink? Check the label. Watch out for sparkling juices, sangrias, and anything that includes juice. We recommend juice only be consumed by diabetic adults to bring you back from severe lows. Otherwise, pass the juice to the kiddlets, and stick with light beer, wine, or cocktails mixed with diet soda or unsweetened sparkling waters.

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