Health Insurance Coverage

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[embed][/embed] Rhodes has spent many hours on the phone with insurance companies to ask whether certain supplies or technology are covered, and also to discuss denials for coverage. Rhodes talks about the persistence it takes to be your own best advocate!

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  1. I’ve been very fortunate in that my insurance company seems to believe in proactive management and has covered all my requests. However, I have friends who are on Medicare and that’s a problem for them, as it is for many others who have ACA coverage and high deductible plans. Recently we’ve heard a lot about the skyrocketing prices of life giving medications like the Epi Pen and today I saw Bernie Sanders railing against the insulin makers. There’s a serious problem in this country when pharma companies set prices unrealistically high and give rebates to the pharmacy management companies, and others. The “list price” is way inflated and in my non-legal mind that is nothing less than fraud. We need to rally our governmental representatives to fight on our behalf.
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