Frequenty Asked Questions

If Diabetes Support Group is an on-line support group, how do I share and ask questions?

The best way to share best practices on Diabetes Support Group is to post comments after watching a Diabetes Minute.  You must join us as a Member to post comments. Membership is free and has no obligations. Other Members of Diabetes Support Group can then join the conversation about the specific tip presented in the Diabetes Minute.

Members may ask Rhodes and Alana to address a specific topic in Diabetes Minute by making a request through the Diabetes Minute page on this site or by clicking here.  If chosen for a Diabetes Minute, the contributor will be recognized by username only if you agree to it when you submit your idea.  Members will then be able to submit comments in response to that Diabetes Minute.

Members may also send a video of themselves asking a question to Rhodes and Alana through the Life, Love & Diabetes page on this site or by clicking here for possible inclusion on a future episode of Life, Love & Diabetes.  Please note that not all submissions will be featured on Life, Love & Diabetes, the videos will not otherwise be shared on the site, and you will only be contacted if your video question is selected for a future episode of Life, Love & Diabetes.

Is the advice from Rhodes and Alana medical advice?

Never.  You should never consider any information you receive from Diabetes Support Group to be medical advice.  Before making any changes to your diabetes management, you should consult with your medical doctor.

Rhodes and Alana are not medical doctors and cannot give medical advice.  Rhodes provides practical advice about diabetes management based on what he has learned managing his Type I diabetes for more than three decades.  Alana provides practical advice about how to be supportive in managing diabetes based on what she has learned from supporting diabetics for more than a decade.