Finally! A glucagon alternative!

For years, we have wondered why on earth there is not a better product than glucagon for low blood sugar emergencies. If you are on insulin, then you have probably been prescribed a glucagon emergency kit. Because glucagon is not stable in liquid form, it had to be in tablet form, that required a non-diabetic bystander to mix the tablet with fluid, draw the mix out of a vial with a syringe, and then inject the diabetic. What? If your loved one is also diabetic or a nurse, then you are all set. If not, you are up a creek until emergency services arrive.

Finally, yes, finally, there appear to be safe and easier alternatives. The first is by Lily and is called Baqsimi. It is a nasal spray. Yes!! Not even a needle. This seems like a really good option for family members who might be nervous about giving the diabetic an injection. It may also be a good option for co-workers or teachers if a serious low occurs at work or school because sounds easy to train potential users.

The second new options by Xeris Pharmaceuticals and is called Gvoke. It is a premixed, liquid glucagon that is packaged as a pre-filled syringe or an auto-injector pen. Woohoo. No mixing, no vials. Just an injection, like you would with insulin. Although this project still entails a needle, the Hypo pen looks easy to use and train on, because it is an auto-retracting needle like an insulin pen.

So excited. We will be ordering both soon. Please comment if you have any experience using either product or have any feedback on price/availability. Please note that these products may not be approved for very young children. Consult with your doctor to determine if you are a good candidate.

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