Don’t Wait for a Health Scare

Why do we wait for a health scare to focus on our health and keep our vices in check? Whether you struggle with smoking, drinking, sugar, lack of exercise, stress management- most of us have a struggle. Most of us also get a little complacent UNTIL we have a legitimate scare. Chest pains, sudden vision changes, shortness of breath, tingling hands or feet. All it takes is one bout with these kinds of scary symptoms and (hopefully) you go running to the doctor AND you start to evaluate your daily habits and choices that may not be the best for your health.

How about this? Instead of waiting for a real scare, let this serve as your WAKE UP CALL. Do better. Focus on your health. Eat better. Sleep more. Exercise regularly. Make those regular doctors appointments that you put off. Why wait? Don’t you want to feel better all the time? Start today. You can do it.

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