Diabetic-Friendly Sweet Potatoes for Thanksgiving

When I was a kid, our Thanksgiving sweet potatoes consisted of a “casserole” made with yams from a can, brown sugar, pineapple chunks, and marshmallows. The first time I tried making it for Rhodes’ family, they thought I was nuts. Starch with sugar and sugar on top. Thankfully, we now eat these roasted sweet potatoes all the time. Including at Thanksgiving. This recipe couldn’t be easier.


Roasted Sweet Potato Recipe

Select one small sweet potato per person, or a medium potato to serve two people. Peel, dice, toss the chunks in olive oil (or, I prefer avocado oil), sprinkle generously with salt, and “roast” on a cookie sheet in a 375-400 degree oven for 25-35 minutes (depending on how many are on your cookie sheet). Toss them once in the middle of the cooking time. They are done when they¬†are brown on at least one side and a fork goes in easily. That’s it. The roasting brings out the sweet flavor, and if cooked correctly, they will have a slightly crispy outer layer, and be soft and creamy inside. Everyone will love them. Serve as a side, add on top of a spinach salad, or pop for a snack. (My kids dip them in ketchup!)

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