Building a Health Care Team

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[embed][/embed]   Rhodes talks about the doctors and experts he relies on to manage his diabetes. From eye care, to foot care, to nutrition, his health care team has been critical to his diabetes management.

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  1. Although many GP’s are very knowledgeable about diabetes care, I would encourage everyone living with diabetes to see an endocrinologist at least once a year. They are hard to get a first appointment with (I had to wait 4 months) but once you’re a patient they’ll be easier to see. After seeing my endo we agreed to a plan of care that my GP was hesitant to follow — insulin therapy for a T2 whose A1c was well within range using pills. But I wasn’t happy with the variability in my blood sugar levels and wanted to be able to manage it closer and I felt I was experiencing some complications from the pills. She worked with me to develop and test the plan and now I’m in a much better place with my bgl management.

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