Bringing Down High Blood Sugar

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Do you feel like you're doing everything right with your diabetes management and still have high blood sugar from time to time? Alana has three tips and insights for you! If you are consistently having high blood sugar, please call your doctor!

2 thoughts on “Bringing Down High Blood Sugar

  1. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes last Monday. I immediately started taking metformin and following the diet recommended to me. I am still having constant thirst, fatigue and just a general unwell feeling. How long does it take to start feeling normal again?

    1. Keep at it. You will start to feel better. Are you drinking a ton of water? Are you working on managing your stress? Are you trying to incorporate 20-30 minutes of physical activity every day? Are you checking your blood sugar regularly to make sure all of these things are working and your blood sugar is down? You will begin to find your “happy place” where you feel better/normal/like yourself. It may take a few weeks, and several more adjustments to meds or diet. But you will get there!

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