Blood Test Strips Everywhere

Does your spouse, parent, caregiver complain about finding blood test strips all over the house, car, bottom of purse? If so, then we can relate.

It has definitely gotten better since Rhodes went on a continuous glucose monitor, and now only has a check/calibrate a couple times a day. But before his CGM, we were drowning in used test strips. He would store the used strips in his meter case and dump them every couple days. Since he tested 10 or more times day, they would add up and inevitably, they fell and flew out all over the place.

I often carried his meter case in my purse when we went out, so I ended up the lucky keeper of many stray strips. Once I picked 9 USED tested strips out of the bottom of my purse. That’s love, huh?

For a year, he collected almost all of his strips in a large mason jar. It was interesting to see, because in 1 year, it was completely full. We estimated it was over 3,500 strips. He often uses the jar when public speaking to demonstrate how challenging day-to-day maintenance of this disease can be.

How do you store, dispose of, or collect your test strips? Share your story!

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