Being Prepared for an Emergency Situation

As much as we hate to admit it, we are hearing more and more about emergency situations– from natural disasters, to violence in public places, to car accidents and backups. It is always important to be prepared, but we think there are 3 situations when it is especially important to be OVER prepared. If:

  1. You are headed into a venue for a concert, show, sporting event, or seminar
  2. You are traveling by plane, train, or car for a long distance
  3. You are getting ready for a major storm or live in an area likely to be hit by a natural disaster

… THEN HAVE AN EMERGENCY KIT WITH YOU! If there is any possibility that you could be forced to shelter in place (i.e. be under a lock down and unable to get to your home or car for additional supplies), you should keep enough diabetes supplies (including insulin, sugar sources, and meter) to keep you safe for at least 24 hours. If backpacks aren’t permitted in the venue, call in advance, and confirm you can bring in a clear bag with supplies (find out if a doctor’s note or prescription detailing your needs will be required). Regularly, planes are grounded with travelers on board for several hours, cars get stuck in traffic jams, in major storms, pharmacies and doctor’s offices lose power and cannot provide you with additional supplies for weeks or more. Plan in advance and don’t be left unprepared.

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