Alana’s Favorite Sugar Swaps

What are Alana’s favorite no-sugar swaps?

  1. Swap your sodas (Diet, but especially regular sodas) for La Croix sparkling water. No sweeteners, no carbs, just delicious flavors. Drink one with every meal and eat less!
  2. Swap your after-dinner dessert or snack for flavored sugar free gum like Extra Dessert Delights in Apple Pie, Mint Chocolate Chip, and Watermelon. Make it easy for yourself, keep a bowl of sugar-free gum on your kitchen counter!
  3. Swap your sugar for no-sugar sugar. What? When you bake that next birthday cake or banana bread, use Truvia baking blend instead of sugar. The taste won’t be too different, but the way you feel after eating will!

What are your tips or strategies for swapping sugar? Share them with us!

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