About Our Support Group

TheDiabetesSupportGroup.org is your go-to resource for the day-to-day management of diabetes. Whether you have been diagnosed yourself, or have a child, parent, spouse or friend with diabetes– we are here for you! We are a community of people affected by diabetes who struggle with the same issues and share the same victories. Most especially, we want to encourage you to do everything in your power to achieve your goals for diabetes management. That is why our motto is “A Full Life with No Limits.” We believe that diabetes does not define us or limit what we can accomplish. We overcome diabetes with a positive and proactive approach. That means we take diabetes on– every day, every meal, and every finger stick.

Of course, good management starts with your health care professionals– your primary care doctor, endocrinologist, diabetes educator, nutritionist, fitness trainer, whoever they may be. Please always consult with your experts before changing anything about your management. Only your doctors should make recommendations for medications, using insulin, limiting the carbohydrates in your diet, treating high and low blood sugar, and adding exercise into your routine. Please take the information and tips we share on this site to your doctor or other experts, and ask them how to best incorporate these tips into your overall medical treatment and management plan.

The Founders are not medical doctors. Rhodes has lived with Type 1 diabetes for over thirty years, and Alana has been his primary support system for over ten years. Therefore, they share practical management tips that have proven helpful to them in their day-to-day lives, not medical advice. We want you to share your tips as well! We encourage our members to comment on Diabetes Minute videos to share encouraging thoughts and ideas, submit suggestions for future Diabetes Minutes, and even submit videos for possible inclusion in future episodes of Life, Love and Diabetes.

Let’s take on Diabetes together!