Diabetes Minute: January 2020


Trick Your Sweet Tooth with Low-Carb Dessert Alternatives

When it’s cold outside, we find it tempting to curl up with a yummy dessert. But, who wants to eat a healthy dinner, and then ruin your blood sugar with a carb-heavy dessert? Try these tips to satisfy your sweet tooth, without the added sugar! What is your go-to alternative?

Posted by Alana

Best Chicken Salad Ever

We love chicken salad. We love that it’s low-carb, can be low-fat, and still tastes a little naughty. Plus, you can eat it so many different ways! In a lettuce boat, as a wrap, on a salad! Yummy. Here’s Alana’s recipe. Try it tonight!

Posted by Alana
Support Team

Diabetes Out of Control? You Need Accountability Partners!

What can you do when you feel like your diabetes is out of control? Partner up, says Rhodes. Circle the wagons. Don’t push people away. Use accountability partners. Turn to a spouse, friend, or fellow diabetic to help keep you on track, and book regular doctors visits to get your A1C checked. This will help […]

Posted by Alana